Advertising And Working For You

All advertising is FREE of CHARGE, that’s right!!! FREE!!! We don’t favor any artist, band, label or radio show above any other.

We value ALL bands and artists equally within the Christian hard music scene from rock to extreme metal. Find below spaces within our website that ads can be placed.

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  • Reviews
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Please send all artwork and advertising campaigns to:

Having trouble keeping up with your band or music business? Don’t have the time to keep up with everything you want or desire to achieve? As we all know we all struggle to keep up with full time jobs, family time, our personal lives and commitments that we strive to keep in balance.

We would like to offer our services to help you to get things done, when time seems to run away from what you are doing.

‚ÄčHere are some examples of what we are able to provide:

  • Social media promotions & advertising
  • Building your portfolio
  • Promoting your brand to radio & magazines
  • Using our contacts to move you into the right direction
  • Writing and sending applications for gigs and festivals

If you would like our help with anything at all please email us on